Web development

Feinwerk Technologies / Website

Feinwerk Technologies / Website

Project description:

Conception, design and development of the website of Feinwerk Technologies.

A website is more than just being represented on the Internet. Our client Feinwerk Technologies also recognized this and, together with KOPF MEDIA, designed a convincing website that is well worth seeing in the industry.

Feinwerk Technologies is a specialist in steel mill technology and hydraulic cylinders. The company convinces numerous customers in any industry with its contract manufacturing.
This work deserves an appropriate web presence and was gladly implemented by KOPF MEDIA.
Beside the illumination of the different techniques and specialities of the company, suitable pictures and animations about the company were produced by KOPF MEDIA and suitably integrated into the website.

As a highlight, to illustrate the work of Feinwerk Technologies, an interactive 3D application was produced by KOPF MEDIA and integrated into the website.