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Grohmüller – automation with welding robots – landing page

Grohmüller – automation with welding robots – landing page

Project description:

For the company Grohmüller, kopfmedia designed and implemented a landing page on the topic of automation with welding robots. For this, among other things, photos and videos were created, as well as a 3D animation and a brochure.

Grohmüller GmbH, based in Emmendingen, has been active in the field of welding technology for over 40 years. The company is not only a supplier of products, but also offers its customers a repair and consulting service. New in the repertoire are robot cells, which can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements. The aim of the landing page is to present and market these.

Website design
Since this is only a landing page and not a more extensive website, there are no subpages – and yet interested parties can find all the important information about the robot cells compactly bundled on one page. Clickable categories in the menu allow visitors to quickly navigate to the desired content.
For the colors, we have limited ourselves to black, white and the striking Grohmüller yellow for a modern look. With their bluish cast, the photos provide an interesting contrast to the bright yellow.
Photo banners break up the clear design of the page, as do the icons used, which visually represent, for example, the expansion possibilities of the robot cells or Grohmüller’s services.

A website not only thrives on helpful information, but must also be visually appealing through photographs or graphics in order to inspire visitors. In addition to the photos of the OTC industrial robot and the collaborative robot from Universal Robots, we also took portraits and team photos of the contact persons at Grohmüller.
To present the welding robots in their best light, we used LED strips that we attached to the inside of the robot cells and the professional LED panels from Aputure. In post-processing, we gave the images a high-contrast and dynamic look with a bluish cast that reflects the color of the flame created during welding. We then retouched up small flaws such as stains, scratches or annoying stickers.