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Schuler Werkzeugschleiferei – business cards

Schuler Werkzeugschleiferei – business cards

Project description:

The business cards for Schuler Werkzeugschleiferei e.K. are simple but still attract the attention of existing customers and potential new customers due to the appealing design.
The rich blue is part of the company’s corporate identity. To stay true to that, we decided to use the same shade of blue. In color psychology blue stands for trust, seriousness and honesty. Therefore, blue is a very popular color that many companies like to identify with.

A business card is used to maintain contacts. Due to its size and purpose, it is advisable to stick to the essentials here: the logo and contact details.
Business cards have the standard size of 85 x 55 mm. Thus, they fit perfectly into customers’ wallets.

Are you interested in business cards designed according to your wishes by kopfmedia? Feel free to contact us.

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