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Between the Black Forest and the Vosges

In Schutterwald, a small community between the Black Forest and the Vosges, is the home of our young agency kopfmedia. We offer our customers the conception, design and control of the production of the respective advertising measures and communication media. At kopfmedia, we serve the classic areas of mass media such as newspaper advertising, outdoor advertising, film and the Internet. The special feature of our agency is our specialization in small and medium-sized companies from the metalworking industry. Kopfmedia is characterized by know-how in this special field, since Sebastian Kopf, as managing partner of the agency, is himself a trained tool mechanic and has been able to gain a great deal of experience and expertise in the industry. As connoisseurs of the industry and its trends, we therefore speak the language of our customers and know exactly what is important to them in their orders. Thanks to our deep understanding of your working environment and its special needs, we can take action and avoid unnecessary queries. This relieves you as our customer.

The successful presentation of your company and your products in film, photography and internet presence is very close to kopfmedia’s heart. Flat in the hierarchy, the agency remains maximally flexible and can work in a customer-oriented manner due to the reliability and willingness to perform of each individual team member. In doing so, it is of crucial importance to always learn something new and to always remain curious. This is our claim and the basis for the success that kopfmedia can already show today. Benefit from a young & dynamic team that always delivers top performance and provides exactly what you need.


Our mission statement?

Presenting technology awesome! We at kopfmedia step up to the plate every day to bring technology to life.
Our motivation is to keep learning new things with fun and curiosity and to realize projects for our customers with our own high quality standards.





M. Bühler

Software-Development, Sysadmin


  • 2014

    Foundation of the sole proprietorship "Fotostudio und Fotografie Sebastian Kopf"


    When the company was founded, the focus was on photography, web development and graphic design for small and small and medium-sized craft businesses and companies in the metal processing industry in the Ortenau region.

  • 2017

    Change of name to KOPF MEDIA GmbH

    The range of services offered by the now 6-member team of KOPF MEDIA GmbH includes the following areas:

    • Photography
    • Film
    • 3D rendering and animation
    • Graphic design
    • Web development
    • Smart solutions development
  • 2018

    Expanding the range of services for the industry


    Having previously focused on media production, we expanded our range of services in the IT sector for industry.

  • 2019

    Conversion and expansion of business premises in Schutterwald

    KOPF MEDIA is expanding its business premises. With custom-built studios for the production of images, films and sound recordings, media can now be produced even more precisely within our business premises.

  • 2020

    Specialization in Media & IT

    The growth of digitization and IT projects leads to specialization in software development. With a special focus on usability and the interaction of design, we develop software that not only works, but is also intuitive and modern to use.

  • 2021

    Look into the future..

    Following an expansion of our team, we are focusing on digitalization in the industrial sector. With a special focus on Industry 4.0 in the software sector and the production of advertising campaigns, we look to the future with confidence.