Concepts that convince!

The user interface is nowadays our constant companion, whether smartphone, tablet or PC, we always interact with an interface that leads us to the information we need. This interaction should always be intuitive to use and always adapted to the target audience.

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User Interface Design


Design that suits the user.

Today's user environments need to look more than just beautiful. Often, concepts and designs are introduced without addressing the needs of the users in question. This is often the very problem; after all, no one knows better what is needed than the end user.

Therefore, kopfmedia constructs user experience concepts in consultation with the various stakeholders. In this process, we design customized user interface solutions with the highest standards of design and intuitiveness.

  • Intuitive design
  • High usability
  • Flat learning curve

User Experience Design


Appearance is not everything.

Evidence that a good design does not necessarily result in a good user experience abounds.

But what constitutes a good user experience and what should be considered? Dozens of books have already been filled with the answers to these questions. So that you don't have to read them, kopfmedia helps you with the conception and implementation of a user-specific UX concept.

  • Low comprehension barriers
  • Low rejection
  • High adoption rates