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Why apply at kopfmedia?

Good question! For us, work is more than just a paid job. Rather, it’s about a passion for technology, design and innovation.
We are driven by the enthusiasm to create something, every day.


We are a young diverse team of graphic designers, filmmakers, programmers, computer scientists, marketing experts, techies and tinkerers. Meeting at eye level and teamwork are an integral part of kopfmedia. Any idea, no matter how crazy, can be brought in and not infrequently the most exciting projects emerge from it.

Our newly renovated agency building in Schutterwald has everything that makes the heart of a media creator beat faster. These include an editing and sound studio with a voiceover booth, high-end hardware for editing and animation, a cinema camera and equipment.

In addition, we have our own production facilities.

In addition, there is a modern IT infrastructure with high-speed Internet, seamless Wifi and a fully virtualized server landscape.

Oh yes, coffee from the fully automatic machine is of course free.

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  • Jede Idee willkommen
  • Junges dynamisches Team
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