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Having your own professional website is essential for any modern business today, because customers expect a meaningful informative website. The Internet is the medium of the present, not the future. Having a good corporate website means operating at the cutting edge!


Your own look from A to Z. 


A website is the company's flagship on the Internet. Use this opportunity to showcase your company perfectly and show your products in a whole new light.

Together with kopfmedia, create a unique recognition value that perfectly reflects the philosophy and look of your company.

Design - Conceived on your customers

We work with you to develop a design that is tailored to your customers and adds value to your entire business.  We place high value on a user-oriented design that is intuitive and quick to use.


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Stay in control.


Content management systems - maintain content yourself

Easily maintain your website yourself after development.

Kopfmedia works with the most widely used content management system in the world called WordPress. In consultation with you, we develop an optimal interface, with which you can easily and uncomplicated maintain the content of your website yourself.

Whether opening hours, current news, personal blogs or new products in the webshop. With our interfaces you always keep your customers up to date.

  • Self-maintainable
  • Always stay up-to-date
  • Customized to you
  • Easy to use

Launch your e-commerce.

E-commerce - the largest market in the world

Bring your products to the largest market in the world, reaching customers from all over the world.

Kopfmedia takes over the development and complete technical handling of your online stores. You can concentrate entirely on selling your products.

In addition to the creation of the store, we are also happy to expand your online sales with the appropriate marketing strategy in the form of campaigns on the media channels.

So benefit from a growing customer base in a market that is constantly growing.

  • Complete technical processing
  • More customers accessible
  • Products self-maintainable
  • Fit marketing strategies

Search engine optimization.


SEO - number 1 in search

Search engines are critical to growth. If you don't show up before your competition, you've lost.

It's simple: if your customers can't find you, they can't connect with you. That means until a business connects, anyone can jump in. Search engines are the secret weapon to attracting them. Don't let your potential customers be poached by the competition.

Developing a website at kopfmedia will get your business into the top rankings on Google, making you the number 1 contact in your industry.

  • Increase your reach
  • High target group accuracy
  • Measurable success

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Inhouse Hosting.

Everything from one source

Everything from one source, that is the concept of kopfmeida. Therefore, in addition to the development of your web presence, we also offer the appropriate hosting service.

Thus, you do not have to worry about external providers. The complete handling of the website from the suitable domain to the handover is subject to our offer.

  • Uncomplicated
  • Clear
  • Safe
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