Your video in cinema quality.

Extraordinary perspectives and camera movements in the highest technical brilliance combined with authentic storytelling tailored to you, that's what makes the films from kopfmedia so special.

The use of an 8k film camera gives your image, product or trade show film a unique look, emphasized by a modern cut that will inspire your customers.


Image films - Like no other.

Give your company a face.

An image film is the business card of your company. Give your company a face and put your skills in the spotlight. A film allows you to associate your brand with a feeling or a message.

Working together, kopfmedia will develop a concept that perfectly showcases your work. We offer craftsmanship and visual quality so that your film lives from strong images and targeted messages.

With an image film from kopfmedia, you will reach many addressees such as politicians, customers, suppliers, employees, etc. and remain positively in the memory.

  • Authentic
  • High quality
  • Special

Weitere Imagefilme


Product video.

Your products perfectly in scene.

Reach your existing customers, as well as potential customers, with the successful marketing tool, the product film.

Kopfmedia supports you to perfectly stage your creative and innovative solutions and to make your product an experience.

  • Striking
  • Highest quality
  • Accurate to detail

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Trade show film.

Trade show films that work.

Whether with sound or without sound - our trade fair films work!

Focus specifically on moving images that draw the attention of visitors to a trade fair to your presentation and thus to your products or your company. Good shots, well edited - here it depends on the mixture. Kopfmedia enhances your trade fair stand with a film that is individually tailored to you.

  • Effective images
  • Get your booth noticed
  • Tell compelling stories


Put an end to long-winded advertising.

Show your company on the big screen. Design your own commercial together with kopfmedia.

From several short clips to your own image film. Develop your perfect advertising campaign with kopfmedia with the support of powerful moving images.

  • Memorable
  • Perfect for advertising campaigns
  • From social media to the big screen