Online Marketing

Digital marketing strategies with mind

Appealing to the right people.

Digital marketing strategies with mind

Appealing to the right people.

What you should be aware of:Many online marketing agencies advertise inflated click numbers, supposedly generated traffic (page views) and high rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo. Most of the time, however, this is so-called "unqualified" traffic, i.e. calls from people who do not belong to your target group and also have no interest in your products or services. Unqualified" traffic can have a positive effect on your search engine ranking, but "qualified" traffic is much more important for the success of your company.

What we can do for you: As experts in the field of online marketing, our goal is to identify the appropriate strategy for your individual needs and target audience from a variety of approaches. We focus on the deliberate aggregation of "qualified" traffic, creating what we call a "sales funnel" that helps convert potential prospects into customers.

Online Marketing Strategies

We develop marketing concepts tailored to your needs and your target group. In doing so, we help you to build a targeted and long-term relationship with your customers.

Market & Competitive Analyses

To create an effective marketing concept, we analyze the market as well as the approach of successful competitors, adapt it to your company and further optimize it to outperform your competitors.

Sales Funnel

When designing your marketing strategy, we create a so-called sales funnel. After the initial contact, the aim is to further excite future customers about your products and services and ultimately create a need to actually purchase or use them.


In order to inspire your customers for your products and services, meaningful content is indispensable. As a professional media agency, we create appealing and high-quality cross-media content.

Social Media Marketing

Today, the first contact with your company usually happens via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or, in the meantime, TikTok. We manage your social media channels, help you generate reach and create high-quality content.


With our measures in the area of Search Engine Optimization, in short SEO, we help you to generate organic traffic. With legible and informative texts as well as appropriate meta information, we optimize your search engine ranking and create a target group-oriented web presence.


In addition to measures to optimize organic web traffic, we also help you plan and design Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaigns. We determine which keywords are particularly promising for your project and how they should best be placed.


The combination of measures from SEO and SEA is commonly referred to as Search Engine Marketing, or SEM for short. The coordinated combination of SEO and SEA tries to get the best out of both. SEA measures can be used to support SEO, for example, if a certain keyword ranks poorly or similar.

Multi-channel marketing

Be omnipresent.

Today, communication with prospects and customers is hardly limited to a single channel. Why should it? Whereas the modern media landscape offers so many opportunities for companies to get in touch with potential customers in a creative way. With multi-channel marketing, you get in touch with your target group via different channels at the same time and create brand awareness with your omnipresence.


The heart of any multi-channel or cross-media campaign is social media marketing. For the success of your company, we create presences on all major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, a supposedly large reach alone does not guarantee success, it is the know-how that counts. For this reason, we work with influencers and well-known Internet personalities to generate more traffic, more leads and a higher profile in the market.

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Stand out.

At kopfmedia, we recognized the potential of cross-media communication early on; to stand out from the crowd on social platforms, we create substantive and professional media content. In addition, we plan and orchestrate communication or distribution strategies with meticulous precision

Target group orientation

Communication made to measure.

Do you want to draw customers' attention to your company? Or perhaps you would rather introduce a new service or a new product? But perhaps you also want to attract new employees to your company or inspire a public body for their project.

Whatever it is, with our target group-oriented communication strategies you can make sure that your project gets attention, we create solutions that are oriented to your project and to your intended target group.

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