Backup systems

Caution is better than indulgence.

Data is capital, the protection of which is essential


Not just figuratively, but literally, digital data assets form a significant portion of a company's value in many organizations. But what if your capital is compromised by a technical failure or by an attack, keyword ransomware? Downtime or even the complete loss of data is not infrequently simply damaging to business, but often even threatens the very existence of the company.

How can I protect myself?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple, create redundancies! The principle of a backup is to create redundant data sets on distributed hardware systems. Now, if one system fails, the data can be easily restored from another system.

Why a professional solution?

Simply replicating data to another disk or a local NAS server may be a good temporary solution, but in the long run it is too much effort to perform backups manually. With kopfmedia's professional backup systems, you can automatically create backups of your data stock, adapted to your respective backup strategy.