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Modern IT in your company

It is hard to imagine IT today without the topic of virtualization; a physical server today hardly houses a single logical server. Large companies have long since recognized the benefits of virtualization for themselves and use virtual machines in all possible areas. If you think that the topic is only interesting for large global companies, you are mistaken. The following benefits of virtualization of hardware are already clearly noticeable in a small IT infrastructure.

Logical servers

Logical servers that are localized on one physical server consume significantly less power than multiple physical servers.

Disaster Recovery

The effort involved in backing up a virtual server is very low, as is the recovery of a virtual server, this can usually be done at the touch of a button.

Saving space

Logically, a physical server with multiple logical servers takes up takes up significantly less space than a large number of physical servers.

More efficient server utilization

The resources of physical servers are rarely fully utilized under normal circumstances. fully utilized. Distributing resources from one physical server across multiple logical servers therefore significantly increases efficient utilization.

Virtual provisioning

Virtual servers can be easily customized to a specific use case and are also significantly faster to set up than their physical counterpart.

Resilience and High Availability

Virtual server environments can be distributed across multiple hardware systems in so-called clusters, in this way resilience is increased and at the same time the availability of the services offered is maximized

What can we do for you?

The service portfolio of kopfmedia in this area ranges from the provision of your personal dedicated virtual server on our server cluster to the setup of your personal virtual environment on your on-premises server infrastructure. In addition to setup and maintenance, we also take care of the automation and orchestration of these systems.

  • Setup
  • Maintenance
  • Automation