Industry 4.0

The smart transformation to the digital world

At kopfmedia, we move you forward. Whether you are a company in automation, a machine manufacturer or a contract manufacturer, we will help you find solutions to your challenges through custom-fit solutions and implement them into your system.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 means the increasing digitalization of individual process steps in a value chain, so communication between machines can be decentralized and in real time.

Through direct networked communication between machines, systems can operate in a self-regulating manner, from the procurement of raw materials to delivery to the customer. The further revolution of Industry 4.0 brings several benefits, such as a transparent supply chain, simplification of ordering processes, error prevention, better utilization, and symbiosis between man and machine.

Companies that decide to help shape the digital transformation are on the safe side in terms of their competitiveness.

Convince yourself and decide for an Industry 4.0 solution from kopfmedia.

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