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Richter Aluminium – Software development

Richter Aluminium – Software development

Project description:

3.1 Acceptance test certificate

3.1 Acceptance test certificates must be sent with every product that is shipped out. The app programmed by KOPF MEDIA automatically records all data for this purpose. Manual entry of values is thus no longer necessary and typing errors are avoided. With a click on “done” the responsible person gives his OK and the certificate is created. This means enormous cost and time savings for our customers.

The practical search function makes it possible to display certificates by customer, order number or status. In addition, authorizations and user groups can be managed.
Test certificates can be automatically generated as PDFs with or without letterhead, and attachments such as photos can be added.

Packaging requirements

How should which product be packed and stacked? The app provides information about this with easy-to-understand graphics.
Employees at the packaging line can see all the necessary information at a glance, enabling them to work more effectively.
Packaging instructions, which were previously created with inconsistent Excel templates, were transferred by KOPF MEDIA using a custom importer.

Both apps are custom-made solutions for Richter Aluminium and always save the current status live and automatically – there is no need to save manually first.