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ThermProTEC Website

ThermProTEC Website

Project description:

ThermProTEC is a company that specializes in thermal process technologies.

We were very happy to accommodate the request for a new, modern web presence.
In cooperation with the company, we designed a new concept for the website and at the same time produced appealing images and texts about ThermProTEC’s work.
A special part of the work took the representation of the most different products of ThermProTEC. For this purpose, each product of the company was exposed, so that customers of the company can already get information on the web.

In combination with the development, KOPF MEDIA also takes care of the hosting of the website. ThermProTEC thus has a fixed contact person for its website and does not have to worry about the technical details.

The new website of ThermProTEC now shines with appealing content of your work and products from various industries and is able to convince customers who come across the company on the Internet.