Feinwerk Group – roll-up banner

Feinwerk Group – roll-up banner

Project description:

Together Feinwerk Technologies and Feinwerk Metallverarbeitung form Feinwerk Group. To visually represent the sister companies, the client wanted three roll-ups that would work together.

In the center is the roll-up for Feinwerk Group with the services that Feinwerk customers benefit from. The roll-up on the left shows the services offered by Technologies and the one on the right shows those offered by Metallverarbeitung. We highlighted the key services on both.

Roll-ups are mobile all-purpose weapons for your outdoor advertising. They are perfect for trade shows, events or presentations as they are easy to store and transport. For the same purpose other print media also play a major role: business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogs or giveaways can be given or displayed to (potential) customers.
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