Grohmüller – automation with welding robots – brochure

Grohmüller – automation with welding robots – brochure

Project description:

To market the new robot cells, Grohmüller GmbH commissioned kopfmedia to create several media at once: a landing page, a product video, a 3D animation and a brochure.

The content
Grohmüller offers industrial robots from OTC and collaborative robots from Universal Robots in ready-to-weld robot cells that can be quickly and easily integrated into production. The brochure tells customers everything they need to know about the welding robot cells.
It was particularly important to Grohmüller that we focus on flexibility: The OTC EasyArc can be purchased in three variants straight off the shelf, but both robots can also be individually adapted to customers’ wishes and requirements. The brochure provides information on functions, expansion options and benefits, as well as prices and services.

The design
The design of the 12-page brochure borrows heavily from that of the website, so that all media fit harmoniously into the brand image and work together. With dynamic team and industrial photos the rochure comes to life. We took those photos in Emmendingen at Grohmüller and at Feinwerk Metallverarbeitung in Kehl-Marlen.
To lighten up the straightforward design, we used narrow banners, icons to illustrate expansion options and services and on some pages we replaced the white background with photos that extend over one or two full pages.