STAHL Grossküchen Manufaktur – Imagefilm

STAHL Grossküchen Manufaktur – Imagefilm

Project description:

A kitchen from the professionals for the professionals.
For more than 50 years, the specialists at STAHL Großküchen Manufaktur have been designing and producing stove units, commercial kitchens, canteens, counters, display cases and refrigerated cabinets.
We were able to accompany the development of such a large-scale kitchen on film at the manufactory.

The finished image film shows the development of a large-scale kitchen, summarized in a parallel montage with the production of a dish.
Just as the cooking professional produces a dish, the professionals from STAHL produce his kitchen.

Great emphasis was placed on the precise, passionate work and the different working areas of the company.
The result is an image film that speaks for itself and highlights the high quality of STAHL Grossküchen Manufaktur.

The image film for Stahl Grossküchen Manufaktur was produced in collaboration with Grafilms.