Grohmüller – automation with welding robots – product video

Grohmüller – automation with welding robots – product video

Project description:

As part of the creation of a new landing page for Grohmüller GmbH, an image film was created in addition to a brochure and a 3D animation. All four media present automation with welding robots.

The intro
Before shooting, we created an audio file with music and sound effects, which emphasize the movements of the robots. In line with this audio file, we programmed several LED strips that we attached to the inner walls of the robot cells. Our client programmed OTC’s industrial robot in advance, as well as Universal Robots’ (UR) collaborative welding robot, so that they would also move to match the sound effects.
To create the right atmosphere, we used a fog machine alongside the LED strips as well as the welding modes of our Aputure Nova P300c LEDs.
For the 3D logo animation, we animated the UR in Blender to trace the letters in the Grohmüller logo.

Presentation of the welding robots
Most of the filming took place at Grohmüller’s premises in Emmendingen, the others at those of Feinwerk Metallverarbeitung in Kehl-Marlen, since the two companies support each other and Feinwerk Group also uses a welding robot from OTC.
In the video, the viewer learns about the flexible adaptability, how the robot cells work, and the faces behind the new project: Dustin Steinle, sales and project planning contact, and Tobias Maier, technical contact.
For the voiceover, we had the professional support of speaker Alex John.

The outro
With a simple but dynamic 2D animation, consisting of logo and slogan, the product video finds a rounded conclusion.