Feinwerk Technologies – Businessportraits

Feinwerk Technologies – Businessportraits

Project description:

High-quality business portraits are a must for your professional appearance. They can be used in many ways: They significantly enhance your web presence (website, social media or other digital media) and your print media (brochures, flyers, catalogues and more). Your company gets a face – this creates closeness and trust with the customer.
For team photos, we pay special attention to reproducibility. Even photos that are added later (you hire a new employee) fit harmoniously into the photo series through uniform lighting and perspective.
For particularly vivid shots, we use professional LED panels from Aputure and work with reflectors so that we literally present you in the best light.

The offer price always includes editing and retouching of the photos. In the process, we remove small flaws such as lint on clothing or reflections on glasses.

Kopfmedia is your contact for business portraits. They are either taken in the kopfmedia photo studio in Schutterwald or on your premises. In our studio we have various neutral backgrounds at our disposal. This way, the focus is entirely on you and your employees. With professional business photography from kopfmedia, you will score points with your first impression.

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