WEHRLE DESIGN – coffee table and lamp

WEHRLE DESIGN – coffee table and lamp

Project description:

Wehrle Design
Dominik Wehrle and his team build stylish furniture in industrial design in the Black Forest. The combination of natural wood and black steel is what makes the products so attractive. Each handcrafted piece is unique. This also applies to the coffee table and the lamp.

To set the scene for the products in the best possible way, we opted for a plain black studio background, which nevertheless has an interesting effect thanks to its texture. Our purposefully placed luminaires from Aputure do the rest – that’s all it takes for successful lighting where the product alone is the focus.

Focus stacking
For some of the photographs, we used an image processing technique called “focus stacking”. This involves taking a large number of photos of the same object with different focus points without moving the camera or the object, then having software calculate the sharp areas and “stacking” them. The result is a consistently sharp image. This method is particularly suitable for product photography, for example for online shops or catalogues.